What creatures riside in and around Ashton Meadows, which ones are the smallest, the largest, the fastest and the most bizarre? How do they all relate to one another and contribute to each others survival, as well as that of the local plant life and ultimately… us!


Fauna Workshop

Earthed Conversations – Fauna

Expert Speakers – Tony Smith and Tony Cotterell from Bristol Naturalists.

Our guests provided us with fascinating insights into the small worlds that go on around us all the time, ensuring the continued survival of other species, various flora and ultimately all life on the planet.



Wildlife Detective Walk

We were joined by naturalist Ed Drewitt  for a wildlife detective public walk. Ed explained all about the creatures that could be found in Ashton Meadows and how they related to different parts of the site as well as to each other.







You can listen to his talk here.


David and Mick were joined by the naturalists Tony Smith and Tony Cotterell in delivering a fantastic workshop to secondary school children on the site where they discovered a number of interesting bugs, plants and insects. They then had a hand at creating sculptures of different animals in the exhibition’s mud box as well as writing a number of thoughts and facts about Ashton Meadows’ fauna for a display in the exhibition.

Wildlife at the Create Centre

The Create Centre’s own Michelle Scoplin has been photographing the creatures that live on the banks of the Avon near Ashton Meadows for some time. Many of her pictures were taken in the Create Ecohome Garden. Check them out in the gallery below or on her facebook page.


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