In June 2014 the Earthed Residency took place at the Create Centre in Bristol, as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week.

What is Earthed?


Earthed is an imaginative land art and theatre project that drew out the stories, ecology, memories, geology, history and archaeology of a green site – including the myths and folklore of the landscape on which the city is built – to inspire a giant piece of storytelling, designed to be experienced in green spaces, that encourages a sense of curiosity, adventure and connection to the earth beneath our feet.


The story will be rolled out fully in 2015, in four seasonal chapters across a myriad of local parks in the city through geo-locating immersive, experiential audio and through temporary land art installations in 4 highly visible green gateway sites.

Earthed Residency 2014

In June 2014 during Bristol’s Big Green Week, Part Exchange Co’s Earthed team were resident at the Create Centre for a week running a big collaborative unearthing of the stories, information and resonances to be found in the layers of the site including the social history, ecological, archaeological and geological stories and getting inspired about how land art, writing and the information churned up out of the earth might come together to tell a new story for the city.

All of the scientific findings, artefacts and other information about the site were documented and exhibited in a participatory exhibition in the Create Centre gallery space where the creations from general public land art and writing workshops, that have used the information and inspiration coming out of the green space as stimulus for making work, were  on show.

The residency functioned as an opportunity for the artistic team to engage with the wider Bristol community, Bristol City Council officials and others, to explore site options and generate interest and excitement in the project, its aims and aspirations. Earthed Works

It included a fun and inspirational programme of participatory workshops, an immersive exhibition and other events, getting hands and boots earthy and imaginations firing.

Ashton Meadows [the green site opposite the Create centre] acted as a kind of green sketchbook and laboratory, exploring the connections between stories, the land and land art and cultivating in all of us a connection to the deep rooted well-being and enjoyment found in our relationship to the earth.

Local communities and the general public were invited to work alongside land artist Mick Petts and writer David Lane as well as natural historians, geologists, archeologists, historians and many others to unearth history, stories, memories and knowledge lying buried in the green site.

Each of the five days took a focus from which to gain inspiration following this through into creative workshops and activities. We  explored the layers of the site starting from the bedrock up.

As part of this process the creative team aims to begin conversations, exploring possibilities for site options with the council, relevant local communities and other stakeholders for a permanent piece of land art as a legacy aspect of the project, aiming to create a long term inspiring green space that has sprung from the collective imaginations of all those who have taken part, playing a vital role in transforming people’s relationships to green spaces in the city.

Who is behind Earthed?

Part Exchange Co create unique performances and events for sites and spaces that connect people with each other, their shared environment and the power of the imagination.

The story and its resultant temporary land art installations are inspired by material generated through working with artists, experts, local communities and the general public – aiming to put the people of Bristol at the heart of helping make Earthed happen.

You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter and on Vimeo.


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