Earthed Residency 2014


Everything that people found during the week, creations that they were inspired to make or write, or simply things they knew about the area went into the interactive exhibition in the Create Centre.  The residency is running until 30th June, creating a unique, fun and fascinating mapping of the area.

 As part of the exhibition we invited a number of experts, specialists and local residents to come and provide us with talks, participate in conversations and lead guided walks.

From archaeologists and artists to local residents, potters, lock keepers, children – young and old – and indeed anyone who was ‘just passing’ but stayed for a bicycle-powered smoothie  and picked up a spade or contributed an interesting nugget of information, we are grateful to all who participated and who helped to make the week such a success.





Click on the individual pages below to discover more about what we got up to each day.

Saturday - Earth
Saturday – Earth
Sunday – River
Monday - Flora
Monday – Flora
Tuesday - Fauna
Tuesday – Fauna
Wednesday - People
Wednesday – People

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