Month: March 2014


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Fun, free and inspirational workshops, activities and exhibition.

Uncover the layers of history, ecology, archaeology and geology lying buried in the earth and rocks of Ashton Meadows [opposite the Create centre], bring you stories, memories and knowledge to share and let your imagination take flight.














Join land artist Mick Petts and writer David Lane as well as historians, gardeners, scientists, cyclists, poets and many others to discover the hidden layers of Ashton Meadows and try your hand at land art and writing inspired by this unique green gateway site – with some of the best views in the city!

All of the material unearthed at the weekender will go into an on-going interactive exhibition, be inspiration for our ‘Make and Mow’ grass art competition, and be used to develop an exciting green storytelling and land art event for Bristol in 2015.

Sign up here for more information and how you can get involved!

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