Make and Mow Gallery


  • What do you want to reveal to people about the space?
  • If you could write people a message what would it be?
  • How might the design make us look at the space – and our world – from a new perspective?
  • Are there shapes and words hidden in the space already that you could use?
  • Can you ask us a question?
  • What can’t we see in the site that you’d like us to become aware of?
  • Might your image be a person? An animal? Something abstract?
  • A combination of all three or something else altogether?
  • Are you showing us something from the space’s past, present… or future?

Design Tips:                                                                                                                                       

Bold is best, clearer to view and easier for our team to mow. Your design will be a plan view but remember that this will be viewed from a low angle and subject to the effects of perspective.

Why grow the grass?                                                                                                                        

Letting this area grow not only provides us with a new canvas to create on but also allows us to find out just what types of plants are in Ashton meadows and what wildlife it might also support.

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