Earthed Exhibition Day One – We shape landscape, landscape shapes us ….

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Earthed Conversations –
What Lies Beneath: Soil specialists, geologists and archaeologists in a conversation on all things earthy.

Expert speakers: Julie Dunne, PhD Student, Bristol University, Organic Geochemistry Unit

Wesley Dixon – Structural Soils, Graduate Geotechnical Engineer

In the morning Archeologist Julie Dunne explained how Ashton Meadows formed and how archeologists look for people as well as artefacts.

“Archeology aims to dig up people as well as artefacts” she told us, as well as asking “How do buried objects define our identities?”

One of the statements that many present picked up on was the declaration that “We shape landscape, landscape creates us”

She also reminded us of the time frames that archiologists have to deal with and that the human experience is but a blip on a much larged historical landscape, “the rock below Ashton Meadows formed in warm shallow seas 350 million years ago”.

Wesley Dixon, a Geotechnical engineer then explained complex sandstone formations and the importance of different processes in creating the different colours and textures in the earth around Ashton Meadows.

People were particularly taken with the idea of an Ooid, which are formed in some limestones called the ‘Oxwich formation’. It consists of a nucleus ‘rolled back and forth’ in be various processes.

He noted that Ashton Meadows only shows trace elements of human contamination. Most samples contain mainly natural elements and components.

He also noted that pictures of dinosaurs standing on grass are all wrong! There was no grass back in the day…

•Expert speakers: Julie Dunne, PhD Student, Bristol University, Organic Geochemistry Unit, Wesley Dixon - Structural Soils, Graduate Geotechnical Engineer,
Expert speakers: Julie Dunne, PhD Student, Bristol University, Organic Geochemistry Unit, Wesley Dixon – Structural Soils, Graduate Geotechnical Engineer


Earthed works: A practical site-inspired earth sculpture workshop with land artist Mick Petts.

Earthed writes: A practical site-specific writing workshop with writer David Lane.

The Big Dig

We rolled back the turf and dug down to reveal the hidden layers of earth and time beneath the surface of the meadows.





We were also joined by Ed Drewitt for a naturist and wildlife detective public walk.





























Earthed Exhibition Countdown, Weekender Starts Tomorrow!

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That’s it folks! The trench is dug, cabinets are ready, the tent is turfed, all the scribbling, sticking and scraping is done. We’re ready to kick off the Earthed Weekender tomorrow morning with the first of our Earthed Conversations, ‘What Lies Beneath’ where soil specialists, geologists and archaeologists join in a conversation on all things earthy with our artists.

There are workshops, self-led activities, and of course the exhibition itself, on all day so drop by the Create Centre and see what’s happening.

Till tomorrow then,

The Earthed Team


Earthed Exhibition Countdown, 1 day to go…

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Not long now! Things finally shaping up and everything looks so different from when we started. We’re all very excited about the weekend’s activities and helping the public to fill the space with bits and pieces inspired by Ashton Meadows. Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!







Earthed Exhibition Countdown, 2 days to go…

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We’ve shovelled and shaped, turfed and twisted, smeared and stitched, bolted, bashed and built. At the end of day three the place is starting to look like an exhibition ready to be filled with contributions, creations, ideas, stories and images.

If you have any stories, images, videos or memories of Ashton Court you’d like to share with us then get in touch,

​On Twitter @EarthedProject or #earthedweekender

​On Facebook at Part Exchange Co

​On our blog at

Get Online!
Get Online!

Alternatively, just bring yourself along to the Earthed Weekend this Saturday and Sunday at the Create Centre.

All activities are free with some needing pre-booked tickets in advance. You can get your free tickets for the workshops on Eventbrite.








Earthed Exhibition Countdown, 3 days to go…

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Blooming marvellous .
Blooming marvellous.

Another day putting together the Earthed Exhibition at the Create Centre and things are really starting to come together. Loads more mud, soil, turf and pieces of the outside, inside.

Looking forward to the weekend’s events!


Earthed Exhibition Countdown, 4 days to go…

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It’s amazing what you can do with some green and brown paint, loads of wood and a bit of good old river mud…

Come and see what it’s all about this weekend at the Create Centre and over in Ashton Meadows.








Volunteer at the Earthed Weekender

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We are looking for a few volunteers for our Earthed Weekender on 14th and 15th June. General stewarding, digging the ground, handling leaflets and helping public out.

Please email if you would like to take part.